I am addicted to cooking and baking. I love to find and make delicious recipes. Sometimes I create my own and I post them here. Other times I find a recipe and adapt it. I have posted those recipes here as well. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


2 (10 oz. packages) grasshopper mint cookies, crushed
½ cup butter

1  (1.75 quart)container Mint Chip Ice Cream
1 (1.75 quart) container Chocolate Ice Cream
1 (1.75 quart) container Peppermint Ice Cream (vanilla ice cream with crushed Andes Mint and a ½ teaspoon peppermint extract)

Crushed Andes Mints, Fresh Mint Sprigs , whipping cream, chocolate syrup

Crush the grasshopper mint cookies (I used a food processor) .  Pour the Grasshopper Cookie crumbs into a 12” springform pan.  Melt butter.  Mix butter into the crumbs and press down with a fork.  Place in the freezer for about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, let the Mint Chip ice cream softenUsing a mixer, soften the mint chip ice cream so it is spreadable.  Spread  mint chip ice cream evenly  over the crust.  Place in the freezer for about 10 minutes as you let the chocolate ice cream soften.  Using a blender, soften the chocolate ice cream.  Remove the pie from the freezer  and spread the chocolate layer evenly over the mint chip layer. Return to the freezer for about 10 minutes while the peppermint ice cream softens.  Soften the peppermint ice cream by using the mixer. Remove the pie from the freezer and spread the peppermint ice cream evenly over the chocolate ice cream.  Sprinkle crushed Andes Mints over the top and gently press into the ice cream.  Let freeze overnight. 
To Garnish

Put a fresh mint sprig in the middle and spread chocolate syrup over each slice.  Top with whipping cream.

Cookie Crumbs

Making Crust


Mixing Mint Chip

Spreading Mint Chip

Mint Chip Layer

Mixing Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Layer

Mixing Peppermint Layer

Spreading Peppermint Layer

Peppermint Layer

Andes Mints, Ready to Freeze


2 Large (6 oz.) packages strawberry Jell-o
5 cups sliced strawberries
1 cup strawberry/kiwi juice (optional – substitute water)
1 can (15.25 oz) crushed pineapple, well drained
1  (10 oz.) package mini marshmallows
¼   cup whipping cream, whipped (maybe less whipping cream…just make sure the salad does not get too runny)
¾ cup sour cream

Prepare the day before serving: To make gelatin: Pour the strawberry gelatin powder into  a very large mixing bowl.  Use the speed-set method to dissolve the gelatin.  Mix 3 cups boiling water into the gelatin.  In a separate bowl or measuring cup, Add ice to 1 cup water and 1 cup strawberry kiwi juice to make 2 ½  cups ( of cold liquid – total of 5 ½ cups of liquid including the boiling water).  Stir into gelatin until slightly thickened.  Remove any unmelted ice.

Add the drained pineapple and sliced strawberries.  Stir in.  Add the mini marshmallows and stir in.  The marshmallows will float to the top.  Place in the refrigerator and let set overnight.  Just before serving, remove from the refrigerator and stirAdd the whipped whipping cream and sour cream.  Place in a serving dish and add to your festive table.

Ice and Strawberry Juice

Making Gelatin

Adding Juice and Ice

Adding Pineapple

Adding Fruit

Adding Strawberries

Adding Marshmallows

Marshmallows Mixed in - Ready to Set

Stirring after Set

Ready to Serve


Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ingredients:                             Half Recipe Ingredients
1 bag (25 Oz. Bag) Frozen Ravioli                      18 Frozen Ravioli for a half recipe (I used the Frozen ones from Costco)
2 jars (24 Oz. Jar) Marinara Sauce                      1 jar (24 oz.) Marinara Sauce
4 cups Shredded Mozzarella Cheese                  2 cups Shredded Mozzarella (I used reduced fat)
Preparation Instructions:
Line Slow Cooker with a Slow Cooker Liner.  Turn slow cooker to high. Spread 3/4 cup of the pasta sauce in  the bottom of the slow cooker.  Arrange half of the frozen ravioli in a single layer over the sauce; top with half of the remaining pasta sauce and half of the mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers once, starting with ravioli. Cook for 2 hours (or 4 hours on low)

About an hour before serving, put the lid of the slow cooker on sideways to allow the cheese to set on top.  If desired serve with Marinara meat sauce.


First Layer of Ravioli over Marinara

First Layer of Mozzarella

Second Layer of Marinara over Ravioli

Last Layer, Ready to Cook

Lid on Sideways for Cheese to Set

Ready to Plate


Sunday, December 15, 2013


This frozen dessert is perfect for a child’s birthday party.  What children don’t like bubblegum?

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons bubblegum flavoring  (see link below for where to purchase bubble gum flavoring)
Fluorescent blue, blue or pink food coloring (5 drops)
1 ¾ cups heavy whipping cream, whipped
1 cup whipping cream, whipped (for garnish)
Bubblegum balls (for garnish)
1 shortbread crust (9 inches)

In a large bowl, combine the sweetened condensed milk, and bubble gum flavoring http://shop.lorannoils.com/templates/product.aspx?ProductGuid=0360-0500&GroupGuid=7.  Mix well.  Add a few drops of fluorescent blue coloring and mix in.  Add more or less food coloring depending on the desired shade and intensity of blue.   

Whip 1 ¾ cup whipping cream. Fold a fourth of the whipped cream into bubblegum mixture; fold in remaining whipped cream.  Spoon into crust.  Cover and Freeze over night.

Garnish with whipping cream and bubblegum.

Remove from freezer 10-15 minutes before serving.  


Sweetened Condensed Milk and Bubble Gum Flavoring

Adding Color

All Blue

Adding Whipping Cream

All Mixed

Ready to Freeze