I am addicted to cooking and baking. I love to find and make delicious recipes. Sometimes I create my own and I post them here. Other times I find a recipe and adapt it. I have posted those recipes here as well. Enjoy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

NapSack - for keeping warm

I know this is not a baking recipe or a recipe at all, but I was just given one of these as a gift and I LOVE IT!

Napsack by Poler Camping Stuff

Product Description

The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it, and wear it like a puffy coat around the campfire, and then crawl right back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag.

Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, music festivals, jumping into after snowboarding, surfing or any other activity that bring your core temp down. It’s not too hot for inside and is awesome for wearing around the house in the winter.

The chest pocket fits a phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones to run internally, and it has pockets like a puffy jacket.

Fabrication: Synthetic. Soft Microfiber body, leather tabs to cinch the hood. Rated to approximately 50 degrees.

Black Bottom Cookies-n-Cream Ice Box Pie (this was adapted from the website below)

1 baked pie crust
1/2 cup chocolate chips (plus ¼ cup whipping cream)
10 Oreo cookies, plus more for garnish (or 1 bag mini oreos – reserving about 35 for garnish)
vanilla pudding (or oreo cookies and cream pudding), about 3 cups
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

¾ quart (3 cups) Vanilla Ice Cream. (softened)

(some additional Oreo Cookie crumbs for garnish - optional)

1. Melt chocolate chips and whipping cream in a small saucepan on low heat (about 4-5 minutes). Pour chocolate into the bottom of the cooled pie crust and use a pastry brush to coat the bottom of the crust with chocolate.

2. Prepare the Pudding as directed. Measure about 3 cups into a large mixing bowl. Crush oreos into the pudding. Mix in the vanilla ice cream. Whip cream until stiff peaks form. Fold three-fourths of the whipped cream into oreo pudding mixture. Pour mixture into the prepared crust. Take the remaining whipped cream and pipe onto the top of the pie. Decorate with more Oreos. Freeze until firm, about 4 hours.